Travel update Corona virus

maart 27, 2020


 The travel industry has been highly affected by the Corona virus (COVID-19), as several borders within the European Union are closed and many flights are cancelled. Therefore, it is understandable that questions arise at travellers that maintain a flight reservation in the near future. FlightClaimEU has the aim to assist these travellers in this unpredictable time by providing more information about the legal rights that can be enforced. 

What happens if I want to cancel my flight? If I do not want to travel any longer, will I get compensated? 

As a passenger it is a possibility to cancel the flight, however in this case the price paid for the flight ticket will not be refunded nor compensated. On the contrary, in the case of a fully refundable ticket the passenger is entitled to cancel their flight and receive a refund of the price paid for the flight ticket. 

What if my flight is cancelled? Am I entitled to get a refund? 

A cancellation made by the airline carrier results in entitlement of the passenger to receive a refund of the full price paid for the ticket. If the passenger chooses to buy a new flight ticket to continue their travel plans, the compensation that will be received is based upon the price of the most expensive flight ticket. In the case that the vacation is booked through a travel agency or booking platform, there could be offered a voucher or travel credit. Bookings through a tour operator are not refundable within 14 days. 

What do I do if my return flight is cancelled? How do I get back home? Who is responsible for this? Am I entitled to compensation? 

If the passenger is facing a cancelled return flight, the airline carrier is responsible for returning the passenger to the country in which the trip started. When the passenger is outside Europe due to a cancellation of the flight and refuses a rebooking in order to remain outside Europe, the full price of the paid ticket should be refunded. In the event of closure of the European airspace, the national governments are obliged to bring back all their citizens and therefore, the airspace will be open for these emergency flights.